Class Set of URSTRONG Pencils & Stickers (25)

Class Set of URSTRONG Pencils & Stickers (25)

It’s no secret that kids love pencils and stickers! Give these to your students as a gift to reinforce and celebrate their #FriendshipNinja skills or kick-off Friendology 101 with these little gems in their folder! Believe us, kids try to take handfuls of these at our workshops.


  • Golf pencils are natural wood color with the logo and URSTRONG printed in black; pre-sharpened with erasers
  • The stickers are oval-shaped (8.5cm x 5.5cm) on a white background with the URSTRONG logo

Pssst...Are you are a school or organization interested in placing a bulk order? We’d be happy to provide a discounted rate on orders of 5 class sets or more. Please email and we’ll hook you up with a deal!